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Fishes are Parve (not dairy and not meat)- neutral

The Torah does not permit Jews to eat all types of fish – only those that have fins and scales: “this you may eat from everything that is in the water – everything that has fins and scales... but anything that does not have fins and scales... shall be abhorrent to you” (Leviticus 11:9-12). Shellfish, dolphins, sharks, squid and so on are therefore prohibited. Click here to the complete article...

Fish & Seafood:
A water creature is kosher only if it has fins and scales. Examples: salmon, tuna, pike, flounder, carp and herring are kosher, while catfish, sturgeon, swordfish, lobster, shellfish, crabs and all water mammals are not.
All reptiles, amphibians, worms and insects -- with the exception of four types of locust -- are not kosher animals.

Name of kosher fishes in portuguese:
Abrotea, anchôva, arenque, atum, bacalhau, badejo, barbado, betara,bonito, cambucú, cará, carpa, castanha, cavala, cavalinha, cherne, corimbatá, corvina, dourado, garoupa, gordinho, hadock, lambari, linguado, mandi, manjuba, merluza, mero, namorado, oliete, pargo, pescada (amarela, branca, do sul, inglesa), robalo, salmão, salmonete, sardinha, serra, sororoca, taínha, tilápia, tortinha, traíra, trilha, truta, etc.

Non kosher fish in portuguese:

Anjo, bagre, cação, caçonete, enguia, manchote, moréia, peixe-espada, peixe-porco, peixe-serra, pintado, polvo, raia, tamboril, viola, vongole, SHRIMPS (camarão), OISTERS (ostras), CRABS (sapateiras, siris, caranguejos), LOBSTER(lagosta), etc.

Smoked salmon

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