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I receive many emails asking a "list" of kosher products to buy in Portugal. There is not a list because there are no glatt kosher products for sale in Portugal. There are no kosher stores or restaurants, there are not enough users. If you are comming for tourism and you eat only food le mehadrim, better thing to do is to bring industrialized food. In El Corte Ingl├ęs in Lisbon, there are a few products in a very small kosher section. The Lisbon Community (CIL) has a "list" of kosher products (not all le mehadrim), but is more a list of what is allow or not, there are no brands listed . There are a few kosher products le mehadrim, without stamps, but since not all the production is kosher, is impossible to set it updated all the time in this website. There are a few products produced in Portugal, but the cheese is not Chalav Yisroel, the brad is not Pat Yisroel. There are 3 wines produced here, two has OU certification and mevushal, and one has the certification or the former rabi of the local community.

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